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Having experienced lower back/ leg pain for over a year related to a bulging disk, I turned to Salmon Bay PT. During my initial appointment Tucker Schonberg actively listened to the history of my issue and assessed my mobility fully prior to prescribing a very specific set of exercises customized to my issue. With each subsequent visit, the approach of strengthening and stretching was evaluated based on the current range of motion and level of pain; there was never any feeling of prescribing stock exercises; every exercise was a developed discovery based on my needs. I had begun to see improvements in a matter of weeks and feel that I have the tools to fully recover from my injury. I would highly recommend Salmon Bay PT. 
   John H., Seattle

IT band syndrome hit me like a brick, only 1 month before my marathon. I couldn't even run a half mile without experiencing excruciating pain. While none of the doctors I saw were able to help me, the staff at Salmon Bay PT was able to get me back out there to finish the race. I can't say that the marathon was painless (who could!?), but there is no way I would have been able to finish it without the fantastic physical therapy I received.
   Josh M., Seattle

Every time I climb a flight of stairs or run to catch a bus, I say a mental thank-you to SBPT for helping to get my knee working again.  They are extremely observant and really paid attention to what was going on with my body, fine-tuning my program to exactly meet my needs.  Always friendly and respectful, Tucker is a great motivator and my results with him went beyond my wildest expectations!
Nancy L., Seattle

I want to tell you how much I have appreciated your help these past 5 weeks. Before coming to you (and after seeing 3 doctors) I was 100% convinced surgery was the only option to solve my Achilles issues. After 10 months of not being able to walk more than a few blocks without severe pain, I’m almost ready to tackle Green Lake again. And, I may train for another half marathon this fall! You are not only darn good at what you do, but you and your staff are hilarious. You make PT fun.
Nancy M., Seattle

As a retired RN 30+ year Ballard resident in sudden need for PT for  knee pain. I appreciate the kind professional therapist and staff. I give them an A+ for being approachable, available, accommodating and affable. After 6 weeks of PT, I am almost back to baseline.
   Coreen R., Seattle

Wow. I went to Salmon Bay Physical Therapy for a bike fit and I was so impressed with their expert advice that helped me to finally get rid of leg pain I had been having on my rides. I can't recommend SBPT enough!
  Mandy M., Seattle


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