Having experienced lower back/ leg pain for over a year related to a bulging disk, I turned to Salmon Bay PT. During my initial appointment Tucker Schonberg actively listened to the history of my issue and assessed my mobility fully prior to prescribing a very specific set of exercises customized to my issue. With each subsequent visit, the approach of strengthening and stretching was evaluated based on the current range of motion and level of pain; there was never any feeling of prescribing stock exercises; every exercise was a developed discovery based on my needs. I had begun to see improvements in a matter of weeks and feel that I have the tools to fully recover from my injury. I would highly recommend Salmon Bay PT.

-John H.

Before I started working with Kandace, there were so many normal day-to-day activities that I either struggled to do, or did and had to deal with the pain for hours (or even days) later. Now, not only do I have relief in performing these activities, but I'm not stressed about them anymore! I can be an active playmate to my toddler and trek all the wonderful trails we have around. Thank you, Salmon Bay, for making me feel like I can do it, whatever "it" ends up being next.

-Ryan B.

Grant Hennington is awesome! He listened and understood my problem and created interesting exercises to help reduce pain and get me on my way to full recovery. I was also encouraged that he was willing to tweak exercises depending on how my recovery was going and feedback he had received from me. Especially highly recommended for outdoor athletes.

-Ryan D.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andi Love, one of the owners of and a brilliant physical therapist at Salmon Bay PT even before it was founded, when she was working at a ProFormance Rehab in Seattle. I was referred to her by my doctor after having visited multiple physical therapy specialists when I was desperate to put myself together after a car accident. I was so impressed by her highly competent and effective approach, not to mention her warm and cheerful personality, that when Salmon Bay PT was founded, I followed Andi and became her eternal patient. Over the years, time and time again, Andi has taken me out of challenging situations. Salmon Bay PT is not close to my job place or to my home, and still I am happy to drive extra to reach this place where everybody is willing to go an extra mile for me.

-Lydia C.

I went to Salmon Bay PT after a major back injury. While I walked in thinking I had one issue, Claire quickly and correctly identified the cause of my pain. She always balanced in her approach between encouraging rest, hands on treatments, and home care exercises. She knew when to gently push me when I was nervous about re injury. In addition to this care, I was able to bring in my bike to make sure it was properly fit to help prevent future injury. Because of Salmon Bay PT I have climbed Mt. Saint Helens, run my first half marathon, and hiked countless miles this summer. I am stronger than I was before my injury & I am so tremendously grateful.

-Jen L.

By default my daughter ended up at Salmon Bay Physical Therapy. I was a bit apprehensive. We went and it was one of the best PT experiences she has had. Katie was assigned to her and for my teenage daughter, she was a perfect fit. She gained my daughter's trust within 10 minutes of her appointment. Katie listened carefully, had a good understanding of our concerns and wishes in healing my daughter. She communicated in a way that we understood. When I discussed issues regarding exercises and expectations she was very direct and clear. We left having a defined plan that was easy to follow and thoughtful of my daughter's needs. Katie really focused in on the issues and got to work. As a parent, I truly appreciate Katie. You know she loves what she does!! And kudos to the administrative end of things as they have been amazingly helpful in dealing with the craziness of insurance. Thank you Salmon Bay for a great experience.

-Laura G.